Sunday, 26 February 2012

Teignford Goods Shed.

 Well, the knives have been out!
The main pieces of the goods shed have been cut out and glued together.
Using Ross all purpose white glue, which it says on the container- Bonds Fast Dries Clear. This I picked up from our local Discount Store a few years ago and it does exactly that. The glue grabs fairly quickly so you don't have to spend half the evening holding two pieces of cardboard together.
I got to the stage seen in a couple of hours and the next morning all had hardened squarely and the mitred corners appear to be neat.

The centre image shows that a side and end were stuck together and left to set and then the two halves joined.
Corner braces were added to aid it all being square and to add a bit of strength. It now comes to the decision on what to clad it in.
Must get into the store cupboard to see what I have in stock.

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