Friday, 23 March 2012

Cattle Dock.

 Before you all get sick of looking at bits of plastic sheet and tiny bits of Microstrip- It's finished.
There had to be some compromises ,such as bridge rail on wooden posts but I couldnt face filing thirty odd holes to take bullhead rail.
Luckily I found some T shaped strip produced by Plastruct which I have used as a representation of bridge rail and I don't think it looks too bad, I would be interested in your comments!
The whole lot was given a couple of very light dustings of grey undercoat then the rails dry brushed with a grey/green and brown to add a bit of relief. I may have underdone it but it passes when not at the
end of a camera lens.It now has some landscape around its mounting site an seems to bed into the landscape quite well. The boards between the rails have been cut and need painting and some drainage grilles added. I need to source information about the size and construction of the water troughs that would have been sited within the dock- any info gratefully recieved.

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