Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Platform Fencing

Some things are better done when there is a few minutes to spare. Such a job is to firstly add some posts to the excellent GW platform fencing supplied by John Bateman through the 3mm Society. It comes as you see it- with two 215mm pieces finely etched. I added the posts with superglue and when cured hand painted it with Humbrol No 1 undercoat. When dry a coat of Precision Paints Light Stone was applied.I ahve an assortment of paint brushes. This is definitely a job for the cheaper variety as etched brass of this type will damage the bristles. It si nigh impossible to take the sharpness off such a fine etch.
Todays top tip- Paint these type of things on greaseproof paper. It wont stick and will add a little paint to tother side making life a little easier. Plus you wont find it stuck to something in the morning.

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